Our Bigsnest pond in 2010 - 14 years old and still a delight!

Feb. 13, 2010 - still winter with frost damage to ferns

March 3, 2010 - the pond is awakening and the magnolia off to one side is in full bloom!

Play a VERY short movie/.avi clip of the pond also taken on March 3, 2010 (with sound)- 2.8MB
You may have to 'reload' or 'refresh' your browser to get the image and the sound to play together.

We found a lovely piece of driftwood up on a private beach in Mendocino County in March and brought it home to our pond. Photo taken March 15, 2010.
To us, it looks like a cat about to pounce! Email us with what you think it looks like!
Click for more images from March: the whole pond; Dragonfly garden art on pond
March 31, 2010 and a Scrub Jay who came in for a bath and a thirsty kitty

. . Please see the article about building ponds for wildlife in the 2010-2011 issue of Ponds & Water Features USA which mentions our pond.
It is titled Where the Wild Things Are written by Tamara Kilbane.
We think it will be available in most pet shops, Borders Book stores and possibly in pond shops.

In Arpil the tree/chorus frogs were busy laying eggs
The April pond was reflecting the Azalea's blossom's beautifully!
The Cardinal Meadowhawks were busy mating and ovipositing (plays a 4.2meg .avi movie, load, then 'refresh')

The MAY pond: portrait view landscape view
The 'sunny bog' was stunningly beautiful this spring (May 10)
The Cardinal Meadowhawks were busy mating and laying eggs click to see the eggs GREATLY magnified!
Makes it hard to want to go away for Memorial Day!

June pond
. In June, we were delighted to have
many beautiful dragonflies visit the pond.
We esp. enjoyed visits by the following dragonfly species:

Pacific Spiketail (a female)

Red-veined Meadowhawk (male)

Cardinal Meadowhawk (an old male!)

Blue-eyed Darner (female)

Flame Skimmer (male)

Western Pondhawk (a young male)

Blue Dasher (male)

and these damselflies:

Western Forktail (male)

Black Spreadwing (male)

These pictures of the pond were taken in late September. Visitors to the pond this month, some of which were photographed for the first time, included Bushtits, Chestnut-backed Chickadees, Towhsend's Warblers, Blue-eyed Darners, and Variegated Meadowhawks.

The pond in October.

Early November - in November the pond's fall colors were glorious - late November!

But in early December the pond's fall colors were even MORE glorious!

Me and my pond! At its MOST colorful point!

It was a wonderful year for us, and for our pond!
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