Our Pond 2008

January - February: no frost yet! The ONLY dragonfly around, waterfall detail

March - lots of pond visitors! several deer, Cedar Waxwings, lots of Am. Robins, Lesser Goldfinch, Flicker, Damselfly


Photo by Patrick Kincaid, May 4th
Click here to see more pictures by Patrick Kincaid, May 4th
Here are two other images we took ourselves in May: Looking at the sunny bog; The Rhodie behind the pond

June, July and August
The pond in June
Visitor's included house finch; Scrub Jay; Brown Towhee; Black Phoebe Western Pondhawk; Flame Skimmer; Blue Dasher Blue-eyed Darner female ovipositing
Plant portraits: Pt. Reyes Checkerbloom Indian Rhubarb Blue Flag Iris Cardinal Plant Water Clover Plantain

The Fall pond thru the kitchen window Townsend's Warbler Townsend's WarblerS!! Audubon's Warbler


The lack of early frost gave us a beautiful pond: Dec. 3, 2008
A mockingbird comes in to bathe: before and after