Gray Fox Kit Visits

On July 18, 1998 we again had surprise visitors.

We'd been out all day and needed to freshen up. I kept hearing LOTS of noises outside. I knew all 3 of our cats were in, so I got up on the edge to the tub to peer out the high window. Well, for a second I thought I was seeing a squirrel climbing the tree. But as my eyes focused better thru the slightly steamy window, I realized it was a FOX KIT! In fact, it was about 6 ' up in the plum tree and being followed by a 2nd one!!! I called my husband into the room and he looked out and saw a 3rd one on the ground, the mother! We watched them frolic for 1/4 hr. before we had to leave! Although they even came up on our deck and even played on top of the hot tub cover, we were only able to get this one fuzzy shot of one of the kits as my husband didn't realize the camera was on manual focus. Darn!

Another Gray Fox Kit Visit

During the last week of June and the first week on July in 2010 we again had fox visitors.

We'd been hearing the fox's unique "arf" (sort of sounds like it's done on a breath intake instead of out breathing) for several nites. Then one morning we saw the Vixen and her 3 kits romp across our backyard and into the orchard next door. Still we have no photos taken AT the pond, but they left a half-chewed apple there to let us know they'd been there. Click here for another image of the