My niece Eileen in the 

This picture of our niece Eileen, who came down from Pacific City, Oregon to help create the pond, was taken in July 1996, one month into the pond's construction.

Click here to go to the `old' link to Mrs. Privette's 3rd grade class from Hillcrest School, Sebastopol, which visited the pond in May 1997 as part of their studies about water systems.

In 1998 the pond was visited by Mrs. Privette's new class and also by Mrs. Baker's 4th grade class. Below is a picture taken during the drizzely day when Mrs. Baker's class visited.

Baker's 4th grade class

Unfortunately I didn't get all their names but some of the class members were: Angela Allegra, (click here to read the beautiful poem she wrote while during the pond on an overcast, drizzly morning), Andrew Froess, Abi Garcia, Cynthia Gomez, Loren Green, Ben Hudgins, Chris Moncrief, Temo O'nofre, Ryan O'Rear, Jordy Pearson, Ashley Sennette, Ellika Strunk, Jenny Thompson, Jordan Wilson and Chelsea Zwart.