Our Mt. Shasta pond, Dragonfly Roost, Spring 2008

When we finally were able to visit our pond in early May, we were very relieved to find water in the pond - but there was still ice and snow too!

1st week of May 2008

It was still cold enuf at nite for the pond to freeze over, but Tree Frogs were singing every nite!

Click here to see that image - sorry, no sound!

When we returned in mid-May we found the pond thawed and were again relieved; this time to find that most of our new plants had survived the severe winter.
And, most of all, we were delighted to find life in and around the pond:

Damselfly nymph were clambering about (this one is climbing on a rock that is under water surface); and California Tortoiseshell Butterflies were using the beach as a 'mineral lick'.
Little did we know that these butterflies were but the vanguard of what was to become a lifetime event! But that story will have to await the end of Summer to finish unfolding. Check back soon!