April 2007 !

Here's a walk around the pond.....

The pond as seen from just outside the kitchen door (or thru the window!).
Plants, clockwise from beach: Pickerell Reed, Blue-flag Iris, Sword Fern, Polypodum Fern [waterfall] 5-Finger Fern, Azalea,
Deer Fern, Water Plantain, Mare's Tail, Pt. Reyes Checkerbloom.

Looking across the pond to the waterfall.... guess it's time to duck that liner back in!
Plants, clockwise from left lower corner: Wild Ginger, Deer Fern, Polypodum Fern, [waterfall] 5-Finger Fern, Sword Fern, Deer Fern

Looking North, across the beach back towards the house.

Looking South, across the beach to the side yard.

Closer-up view of the walkway to the south.

Happy Easter!from Kathy (holding Ribs) Dave, and Dave's father who was visiting!

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