Green Darner Emergence - 2015
Kathy's Bigsnest Pond Diary

May 2015 (click any small image to see it in an expanded view)
Again, this year as last year, we found Common Green Darners Anax junius) emerging from the pond. They are one of the known migrant species and since they emerged, left, and were not seen again at the pond, we ponder (Ok, used that word on puroose!) whether these could be the migratory 'race' of the species. It seems that some Green Darners migrate, while others don't....but whether all the offspring of migrants are migrants, and visa versa, we don't know.
The darner actually had very good camoflauge (see 1st photo - click on each to see it expanded). We were amazed at how chartreuse her frons (face) was!!